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It all began with a quilting frame in scale 1:12. The miniature doll house, a model of an American farm house at about 1989 was built to exhibit miniature quilts.
The attention to detail is apparent everywhere. The cabinet is just 10 inches high; the beds are a lot smaller. The support posts are recreated with millimeter accuracy; the stones of the fireplace look so real that you want to make yourself comfortable, wrapped in a quilt, in the rocking chair. On the table there are tiny utensils to admire and in the heart of the living room stands a faithfully reconstructed natural quilt frame, with several Amish women holding a Quilting Bee. And there's the sleeping quarters in the old part of the house, fully furnished with an old metal bed complete with quilts, a blackened kitchen with open fireplace and rare antique pottery, a gramophone and tiny embroidery in a picture frame on the wall, a for that  time "modern "seeming bedroom complete with dressing table and stenciling on the walls. And much more. You possibly have to look longer to capture everything.
The walls are partially constructed of logs and covered with wood or wallpapered in style. The floors are real wooden floors and the furniture looks like it came straight out of a museum.
The equipment of the rooms, the sewing of clothes, curtains, carpets, bedding and miniature quilts took hundreds of hours to complete. The fabrics are made from antique cotton and linen fabrics. Some furnishings are from various flea markets, or were donated, but most of it was built from scratch. Everything was brought to the level of about 1889. To look for small furniture and household items in order to produce a historically-correct atmosphere makes up the charm of the house. At the sight of such a detailed designed miniature one feels back in the late 1900's in the U.S., as settler women got together in a farmhouse to quilt.

It is possible to view the doll house at my home by prior arrangement. Please call or email.



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