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My life has been like a quilt. I lived in places as diverse as Texas, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where I learned to quilt from the Amish and Mennonites, in the South of Germany where I was taught to spin wool and weave and in Kleve, in the Northwest of Germany, where I grew up and learned to knit, crochet and do fine needlework.

The old-fashioned way of fixing up and making do is sometimes forgotten in today's throwaway society. That's why I prefer fabric that is processed, worn, faded by years of wear or even considered worthless.

I have more than 29 years of quilting experience and worked out over 100 self-designed pieces. My work is greatly influenced by contacts with the Amish and Mennonite quilt art during my residence in the United States.

With regularity, I am represented in various group exhibitions, lectures and workshops in collaboration with textile and quilt exhibitions in museums. Restoration of antique textiles and commissioned work for private and public collections in Germany, Denmark; USA and the Netherlands claims part of my work.
I have worked freelance since 1984 in my own studio.


Gabriele Heinz Portrait

Gabriele Heinz

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