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Pennsylvania Amish Miniature Quilt


The workshop will teach the techniques of creating an “aged” miniature quilt based on an Amish one- or four patch design sewn from either your own collected fabrics or from new material.
The “aged” look is intended to fit the quilt into antique dollhouses, doll beds or antique surroundings.

The historically accurate quilt in scale 1:12 or 1:6 is based on a full-sized example dating from around 1886. The miniature quilt will display various techniques, including piecing, quilting or tying and “aging” to capture the essence of the original. The 1:12 scale quilt will be sewn by hand.

The Amish sometimes incorporated a small mistake into their quilts, a slightly lopsided piece or an inappropriate color to remind them that only God can create perfection. You may do the same in this workshop.
Apart from the desire and motivation to learn something new, there are no further requirements. Take a chance to discover yourself how an Amish quilt is made.

Interested? Please email.



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